HOW your donation HELPS

Support for Gender-Expansive Youth

RAD Family is North Jersey Pride's social support network for families of transgender and gender-expansive youth, which connects parents and youth with other “RAD Families” as they navigate growing into their authentic selves.

Since its launch, RAD Family has seen attendance grow exponentially at events, with families coming from all over North Jersey, including Essex, Sussex, Bergen, Middlesex and Hudson counties. 

No child should have to fit into a binary gender box to get the love and acceptance they deserve. RAD Kids hopes to give gender-creative youth a space for self-expression and empower them to take their place in the world—exactly as they are. For more information about this program, email radkids(at) 


Social Support for LGBTQ Teens

While our community has made progress achieving greater equality, LGBTQ youth are still suffering as a result of persistent bigotry and internalized shame. North Jersey Pride has been contacted by many parents of newly out children desperate for a way to connect their children with others like them. Unfortunately, options have been limited—and too many LGBTQ teens feel isolated and alone, making them more vulnerable to depression and easier targets for bullying. The community is fortunate to have HMI-NJ currently providing drop-in counseling hours in Maplewood. Now, in partnership with HMI, North Jersey Pride will begin organizing fun, structured social outings for LGBTQ (and ally!) teens so they can find community in a safe, supportive environment. To get more information about HMI's drop-in counseling, please email Alayne Rosales at alaynerosales(at) To learn more about NJP's social events for teens, email cjprince(at) 


The Free and Inclusive Pride Festival

The North Jersey Pride Festival, held on the second Sunday in June, will host its 10th celebration in 2020. It is one of the very few Pride events that caters to families with a robust Kids Zone with tons of inflatables, games, and an interactive Kids Stage and live entertainment for littles. The Festival now brings 10,000+ attendees from all over the tri-state and from all socio-economic backgrounds. As the Festival has grown, so too have expenses, but it is a critical part of our mission to keep the Festival free and open to the public. Your donation will help us do that. 


All-Volunteer Organization

North Jersey Pride is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff and no brick-and-mortar overhead. We keep expenses as low as possible so that every penny of proceeds can be put to use for the community. If you are inspired by what you've read or seen and want to join us, please fill out the contact form and let us know how you would like to help. In the meantime, you can help us by spreading the word about this fundraiser and encouraging friends and family to join us on Feb. 1!